09 November 2009

Meet Loser.....and Kraz E

This is what I found in my inbox the other day from eHarmony....no really that's what it said. They've matched me with Loser....great. Of course I couldn't receive something like this and not check it out for you all. There were no pictures, and there were actual real answers in the profile, but I'm just stuck on the name. Now, I'm sure that's a joke page, but how encouraging is that?

Okay, I know you are all wondering, so let me backtrack for a minute....

Yes, I signed up for online dating. Why? I'm not 100% sure. I guess it was more out of curiosity. I know a few people that have met online and one couple is even married for a few years now. Another reason was curiosity. I have met people before, but it's not always clear what their agenda is when you meet them. This way, I'm almost guaranteed to meet someone that is on the same path I am. I know my path is to meet new people and hang out. Also, I don't go out much, and I'm not looking to meet someone in the club, so this way seems best for now.

I've talked to a few friends about it before I actually tried it, and the experience varied. I figured if anything, I'd get to meet new people, try new places to hang out/eat, and possibly meet new friends because the old ones suck. Those that know me, know I'm an optimist, so I'm not giving up.

No, nothing happened yet. Mostly because I haven't been active on eHarmony as I probably should be. I've gotten a few "Icebreakers" (short messages that let you know the person is interested in starting communication), but I've been slow to respond if at all.

Let me give you more insight: eHarmony isn't the typical site where you're matched with guys based on your location and you scan through pics and pick the cutest guy best profile match and send him a message and set up a meeting time/date. This site takes you through eight steps (yes 8) before you can conduct open conversations with someone. You start by viewing pics (if they have any), and viewing their limited profile. If you like, you can send them five multiple-choice questions. If they like, they'll respond and send you five questions too. There is a fast track option, but I haven't tried that.

Now, I've been finding myself being SUPER judgmental about people I communicate with, or even who I'd consider communicating with. One guy really had a pic on his page where he cropped out a girl. Another guy didn't feel like bothering w/ such methods and just blacked out the girl, AND the hand that she draped over his shoulder. Talk about tacky!!! He was automatically nixed from my list. Also, if pics are far away, or they have no pics at all, I automatically assume they aren't attractive and/or hiding something.

Also, a lot of guys on here are short! I'm not talking 6'0, or even 5'11....these guys are like 5'5 and 5'6!! I'm almost 5'8 myself, so imagine me next to him with my 4-inch stilettos. It's okay to laugh because I did too. I've blogged earlier about preference, and that's one of mine....6'0+ please!

Before my eHarmony trial, I tried Yahoo! Personals. I didn't even think about them, but that's where a girl I know met her current husband, so I looked there. They had a free 3-day trial, so I couldn't lose. Let's just say I shut things down before my three days were up. The guys there were all so OLD....I'm talking 40+. It was scary!

This whole process is scary/creepy, but I can't help but laugh at the same time....especially when I get an invitation to meet Loser.

Have you ever tried online dating site? Which one(s)? How was your experience? Would you try it again? Do you still talk to someone you met through an online service?

UPDATE: Since my last post, I've received a new match...Kraz E. This one has pics, but they look like two different people. To protect privacy, I won't post them lol.and I'm tempted to communicate with him just to ask him why that name! Eharmony isn't like most dating sites where you pick a screen name...you're supposed to use your real name! I'll keep yall posted!

14 September 2009

Soul Mates...Do They Exist?

How many people think they've found their soulmate?

*raises hand*

With that said, I'll start with a definition. What is a soul mate? According to Webster's dictionary it means:

1 : a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament
2 : a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs

Kinda vague...With that definition, do you still think you've found your soul mate?

*raises hand*

Now to me, a soul mate is that person whom you have a connection with that's unexplainable. Like you're both sitting in the room and you know what the other is thinking without either of you saying a word. It's that cosmic connection that allows you to feel their pain/emotions even when you aren't around each other.

From many discussions with friends, I'm finding that this is a rare occurrence. So does that mean that we have the definition screwed up of what a soul mate really is? Say that you're lucky to find that person, does it always mean that you are meant to be together? What if someone has this same connection with more than one person? Are we allowed to have more than one soul mate?

I believe that we can. I think that sometimes soul mates can even be of the same sex. I'm not saying that a person is gay if they find that same-sex soul mate, they might be best friends.

I did an image search on Google for soul mates, and almost every picture depicted a man and woman (sometimes male/female animals) in an intimate position. We are conditioned to think that soul mates have to be this great love.

Now, I know that you're wondering about my soul mate. I think I did find him, he knows who he is. We're best friends and we truly have that connection where we know thoughts without speaking, and even across country, and even seas, we knew what the other was feeling. Yeah, I know you don't believe me, but it's true! We have a lot of the same beliefs and thoughts.

Now this isn't saying that everything is happy-go-lucky either. We don't agree 100% on everything. I can't feel if he gets a paper cut and vice versa lol. We've lost touch a few times over the years, but we keep coming back in contact with each other.

Are we supposed to be together? I'm no fortune teller, nor am I going to pay Miss Cleo (yes she's back lol) or any other psychic to find out. I guess I'm going to play this life thing out and see what God has in store for me.

Talk to me: Do you think that you've found your soul mate? How do you know? Do you think that you're supposed to marry your soul mate? Can people have more than one soul mate?

09 September 2009

It's a Thin Line.....

....between researching and stalking! I know what you thought I was going to say, and that is true too, but it doesn't fit with my thoughts today.

Recently, I've had a discussion with some friends about stalking people on the Internet. Let me backtrack..... this came about when I told about how I look up a guy on Facebook, and make sure he's not a registered sex offender if I don't know him (hhmmm maybe I should check the ones I do know too lol). I was told that this is stalking.

I call it research. Especially on Facebook....if someone leaves their page open, aren't they just asking for people to look at their info? In the last post, you'll note that my research saved a situation from possibly getting worse. What if I hadn't seen that the guy was engaged? What if I got involved emotionally and found out this info later? What if she came after me and I didn't even know about her?

To me stalking someone on the Internet means that I was following their every move....like who is he talking to? What does abc mean? What does xyz mean?

In this case, my research proved to work out for the best for me, but what do you think? What is your definition of Internet stalking? Is looking someone up on Facebook considered stalking?

I'm Baaaack!!!

Hey people! I've been on a bit of a break. I really couldn't bring myself to write anymore, but I'm back now!

I know I left you all with what I have heard is my "angry woman post" and I'm past that now. Here's the thing with me. This blog is where I vent and that is how I was feeling at the time. By no means am I that angry often. I'm generally a happy person. It was just too much at one time.

Since then have I endured more BS? Yes. Let me share the latest....I was going out with a guy. Good times. Only to find out later that he's engaged!! Yes, you read right! And guess how I found out...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Yes ladies and gentlemen, I did a little research and saw that he was engaged. I confronted him with my findings and he got mad at me!! He told me how I should know facts before I come at him, and that I need to check dates because that was old. He had been on his page quite often to update statuses and comment when people responded, but didn't remember to remove a fiancee from his page? Come on now...I'm not stupid.

Luckily, I was past being angry woman and was able to laugh at it. I calmly said (well typed because it all went down via email....oh the joys of technology ) my piece and never heard anything back. Now, I wasn't surprised by this because I hadn't expected to hear from him again. That further let me know that what I saw was true.

No biggie though, he wasn't around long enough for me to be upset or care that much. In the end, this was just a funny story to share with others.

With that being said. I'm back to blogging, but on hiatus from boys...emphasis on boys. I'm focusing on myself and what I need to do and diving into my extra curricular activities head first. Soon I'll be too busy to even care.

Are you glad that I'm back? Have you ever experienced anything like this?

05 August 2009


Cue: Ne-Yo's "So Sick"

Okay, let's get right into it...I know the pic is a little harsh, but that's just how I feel right now.

Lately I've been hearing a LOT of BS (hey, my mom might read this lol) and I'm tired of it. I just wish I had a stamp with the word BULLSH*T on it, so I can just make a mark on the forehead of those that spew nonsense my way.

Now I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of grief for this, but I don't care....it needs to be heard! Guys shoot a LOT of BS on the daily! Yeah, I said it! Here are some of the key phrases I've heard lately:

~I've been busy

~I've been working

~I lost my phone that's why I haven't called you

~I have kids, or did you forget it was summer vacay? (yes, that's real)

All of this could be true, but it falls into the BS category because they were used as excuses for not responding to a text message! Those that know me know that I'm not big on texting, so I don't do the convos thru the phone like that. So that means I wasn't looking for a life story....only a response to a "hey how are you" message. Is that too much to ask? I didn't think so, so they can take that BS elsewhere!

I don't get what's so hard about being up front and honest. I can take it and still could be your friend later. I HATE being lied to and think that it's a cop-out when guys spit BS. Like seriously, we're adults, keep it real with me, because I KNOW I keep it real. This is why I surround myself with blunt friends. They keep me in line.

I saw this online and I really need to get this printed on a T-shirt and sport it at all times:

Cue: Jill Scott's "One is the Magic Number"

Sadly, I'm SO over guys right now....they are THE worst! In the mean time, I'm going to focus on me. I have some things that I'm working on, and will dive into them head first. If you feel the same way I do, I suggest that you use your energy for good and do something for yourself...or for someone else. I know I will be volunteering a lot in the next few months.

30 July 2009

I Have a Headache: The Dating Game Chronichles

Cue: Kelis' "I Hate You So Much Right Now"

This is exactly how I feel about dating. It give me such a headache! We are all just pawns in this game of life. You would think as adults we'd grow out of the "dating games," but such is not the case. I'm truly learning that age is just a number...

We are told when growing up that our Prince Charming is going to ride up on his white horse and rescue us from our single life. Then we were told that this magic spouse that is meant for us will fall out of the sky and land in our laps and we'll live happily ever after. HA!!

I'm SO over it!! Okay okay, I'm a skeptic, but at the same time I'm working on this patience thing. I'm still a work in progress....

I'm at a loss....I have no clue what's next....When will this all end? Maybe I'll give eHarmony or Match.com a try. They've got to be better than this.

What do you think about the dating game? Are you a pawn like me? What moves are you making? When do the games end?

29 June 2009

When Your Well Runs Dry.....

Dating is cool (sometimes), but some of you out there may be wondering what to do when there is a drought in your dating pool. I know it's been awhile since I've been out on a date, but I'm not worried. This is what I do in the meantime....and it may help you too:


You know this guy (or girl) very well. You all hang out from time to time, but there are no romantic sparks. This is just someone that's cool to hang around and you have a mutual understanding that "it's not like that." Simply....call up a platonic friend and hang!


This kills two birds with one stone. Not only are you occupying time that is spent thinking about not dating, you can help the community at the same time. Depending on the organization, you could possibly meet some young singles with an interest similar to yours. So get out and help out!


I'm always down for a great ladies' night! We play games, have a marathon of our favorite TV shows on DVD, hit a club or happy hour and just have a great time! This is also a great time to scope for guys while out and about.


What better person to spend time with than yourself?? I know that I love me some me! (Sounds conceited doesn't it? I'm really not...promise haha) I am famous for treating myself to a movie. Usually because it's something I really want to see and I don't like waiting on other people. I haven't mastered the going to a restaurant by myself yet, but I do go get some take-out (usually curbside) and sit home with a nice movie, or TV show marathon.

These are some things that worked for me, and may give you some things to think about the next time you want to go on a date.

03 June 2009


Welcome to a new era...The Green Era. Everything on TV, in ads, and just about everywhere else is about saving the environment and decreasing your carbon footprint. I'm all for doing my part and recycling and all, but there is one think I really don't want to recycle...........MEN!! Yes, I said it. I'm not mad if you do (because I have done so in the past), but it's just not for me anymore.

It seems that many guys that I've dated/gone out with/talked to in the past are around me today. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because I love people and keep my friends. All of a sudden, these throwbacks want to be serious and date exclusively. Where were you years ago when I liked you!?!?! Were you NOT standing right there when I let it be known that I liked you?? Geez!

I'm at a new place in my life. I have a new career, community service projects I'm working on, saving to make that "big purchase".....stuff like that. I'm not looking down on anyone, but I'm not at the same place I was back then. Maybe they've grown too, but I've moved on. I'm happy to be a friend, but that's about it.

My questions for you: Have you recycled any men/women you dated? How did it work out? Would you recommend it to others?

01 June 2009

Time's A-Wastin'.....

In today's world, we are bred for impatience. Everything is fast. We have 30-minute meals, Fios, express check-out.....I blame technology! We are part of a generation that expects to see instant results.....okay I'll admit that I'm guilty of this. Sometimes I just want what I want when I want it....sue me, I'm human. I am working on this patience thing though.

Now, as I work on my patience, I have one gripe for the fellas.....DON'T WASTE MY TIME (cue E. Badu)! It's very precious to me! Story time...this guy took the time to get my number. We talk pretty regular (good conversation, he's funny) and it's hard telling if he's interested in me as a homie, or more. No biggie. We made plans to go out, but they fell through at the last minute. Again, no biggie because I don't wait around, so I made other plans. Then we made plans again, and the same thing.

While I work on being patient with people, I'm also working on forgiveness and being nice (I already am nice, but I just want to stay that way). There was no time lost in this case because I made other arrangements ....those who know me, know I go with the flow, jump in or miss the boat!

Now I'm not mad at all about the plans, but I wanted to see and hang out with him. I let it be known, he said the same. Here's my question:

Should I implement the "3 Strikes, You're out" Rule, or should I just keep him as a phone buddy?

26 May 2009

Dating in the Workplace

Hey folks! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!! I'm just starting a new gig and it led me to think about dating in the workplace.

I've always been VERY against dating anyone I work with. I thought about what if it doesn't work out? Then I'd be stuck looking at that person. I also thought about the attention it could possibly bring. People might be nosy and in my business.....so I've never been a fan of dating in the workplace.

With this new job, I'm in a building with about 6,000 employees!!! What if I find a FINE brotha that wants to take me to lunch? Should I turn him down because he works in my building?

Should I relax my rule if they don't work in my office, or even my floor?? Let me know what you think....

18 May 2009


I'm an avid reader of the Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab. For those of you that don't know, each week, the magazine sets up two people based on common interests from a survey they complete beforehand. The daters meet in a restaurant and get a free meal on the magazine's tab. They then write about the date and take a few pics. Then they provide an update ofter the date.

I've been reading for awhile and no one ever ends up together.....no one. Is the Post that bad at matching couples? I don't think so. I think the problem is that the daters have unreal expectations for the first date.

Most complain about the other's looks and say "He/She does not look like the type of guys/girls I usually date....." and it goes downhill from there because of the initial impression. Blind dates are hard...trust me I know. I go into them with a positive attitude. I say "Maybe I can meet a new friend if things don't work out."

Most sparks are not usually instant in couples. Ask some couples and see what they say. Sometimes it takes time to grow. Now if the guy/girl is a complete jerk, then okay, cut them loose, but I'm all about giving people chances first before I write them off.

If the person is nice, then it could develop into something special. Or maybe it could turn out to be a great movie buddy, or a restaurant buddy you want to try new places with. Hanging out does not always mean that you are a couple and have to put a title on things.....especially if you just enjoy each other's company. You never know, he/she could be your soul mate.

Keep that in mind next time you're on a blind date :-)

15 May 2009

Settling vs. Acceptance

I just wanted to elaborate on the last post. Yes, I say that we should not be Modern-Day Settlers, but I do think that we should accept people for who they are.

When I was younger (and my friend Michele can attest to it), I made a list of 100+ qualities I wanted in a guy. I had to be very young to have that much time on my hands LOL. Nowadays, my list is WAY shorter (and less materialistic) because a lot of what I had before didn't matter. Not to say that I wouldn't like those things, but they are not a necessity.

We're human and everyone has flaws/faults or whatever, but you have to decide things that are deal breakers. For instance, if a girl/guy wears a brand of clothing you don't like. Dating him/her does not make you a Settler. That is accepting who you are. If you have to lower your self-worth to be with this guy/girl, then it makes you a Settler.

A friend of mine said "Settling is being with someone cause you don't want to be alone or because you have been with them for so long that you go through the motion and are not happy." That is a perfect example of what I mean. Thanks T!!

I just wanted to clear things up. I'm willing to accept people, as I hope they do to me, but I won't be settling for less than what I'm worth!

14 May 2009

Modern-Day Settlers

How often have you been in the grocery store and had a taste for some fruit? Did you search and search and search until you found the perfect piece in the bunch? Of course you did!! You're not going to settle for the ratty piece of fruit they put on top, hoping someone won't inspect it and buy it. It doesn't matter that it's your favorite fruit, you won't buy into that!

How come we don't take this same approach when it comes to relationships? (Yes, I am guilty of it too) We settle for the guys or girls that are on "top of the pile" or the first ones we meet. Yea, we love them, but we put up with things that we wouldn't take from anyone else. Why do we do this? Is love all we really need, even though they aren't really worthy of our love?

I'm at the point where I don't want to be a Modern-Day Settler. I won't settle for less. If that means, being alone then so be it. I know my worth and have to wait for the right one. I suggest that YOU don't become a Modern-Day Settler either!!

Just for fun.....I received an email once that goes like this:

Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the
tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are
afraid of falling and getting hurt Instead, they sometimes take the
apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at
the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're
amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the
one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men.... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's
up to women to stomp them into shape until they turn into
something acceptable to have dinner with.

Now, now, I'm not saying that I agree with this and that it's not interchangeable......it was something I got and decided to share. Let me know what you think!

05 May 2009

He's Just Not That Into A Lady That Thinks Like A Man.....

I've been hearing a LOT about Steve Harvey's book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. No, I haven't read it and I don't plan on it. I'm tired of hearing about my "cookie" and what Steve said to do. I think it's fine for those that read it and I'm sure it would give me some good tips, but I'm a skeptic.

Let's take it back a bit.....in 2005, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo wrote a book called He's Just Not That Into You. I didn't read that one either....saw the movie though. I do know people that read it and they said that it was full of common sense. For example: If he doesn't return your call.....he's just not that into you. Duh! I don't need to pay $13 to know that! Those people that I know that read it, most are still single. This is a guide to give women things to look for when a guy is not interested.....okay.

Now back to Steve. I hear his book does give good tips, and I don't knock that, but I'm not going to live by this book. It may give me things to look for, but I think I can manage. I live my life by one Bible (the Holy one) and that's enough!

There is no set recipe on how to hook a man. Some things may work and some may not, so I don't need Steve, Greg, or Liz to tell me that I'm doing something wrong. I can do bad all by myself! LOL

Ladies - I may be wrong, but what do you think?? Should I read these books? Are there others? Has any of these books helped you hook a man?

Guys - What do you think about these types of books?

04 May 2009


Hello all! Welcome to my new venture! I'm new to this, so bear with me as I learn about this blogging stuff. Let me start with the formalities......

I go by the name Angel. As the title of this blog states, I am single, sassy, and sweet. I'm a 20-something and I'm caught up in this crazy dating world. I wanted a place to share tips, vent my frustrations, and share my experiences with everyone. So here it is!! Feel free to comment, offer advice, and suggest topics at any time! My blog is your blog!

What does it mean to be single, sassy and sweet?? The single and sweet part are pretty self-explanatory. Sassy isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I believe it means to have a no-nonsense approach to life. You don't settle for less and let it be known....in a classy way of course.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. There will be another post soon. Thanks for stopping by!! Come often and bring friends!! Until next time......