18 May 2009


I'm an avid reader of the Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab. For those of you that don't know, each week, the magazine sets up two people based on common interests from a survey they complete beforehand. The daters meet in a restaurant and get a free meal on the magazine's tab. They then write about the date and take a few pics. Then they provide an update ofter the date.

I've been reading for awhile and no one ever ends up together.....no one. Is the Post that bad at matching couples? I don't think so. I think the problem is that the daters have unreal expectations for the first date.

Most complain about the other's looks and say "He/She does not look like the type of guys/girls I usually date....." and it goes downhill from there because of the initial impression. Blind dates are hard...trust me I know. I go into them with a positive attitude. I say "Maybe I can meet a new friend if things don't work out."

Most sparks are not usually instant in couples. Ask some couples and see what they say. Sometimes it takes time to grow. Now if the guy/girl is a complete jerk, then okay, cut them loose, but I'm all about giving people chances first before I write them off.

If the person is nice, then it could develop into something special. Or maybe it could turn out to be a great movie buddy, or a restaurant buddy you want to try new places with. Hanging out does not always mean that you are a couple and have to put a title on things.....especially if you just enjoy each other's company. You never know, he/she could be your soul mate.

Keep that in mind next time you're on a blind date :-)

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