29 June 2009

When Your Well Runs Dry.....

Dating is cool (sometimes), but some of you out there may be wondering what to do when there is a drought in your dating pool. I know it's been awhile since I've been out on a date, but I'm not worried. This is what I do in the meantime....and it may help you too:


You know this guy (or girl) very well. You all hang out from time to time, but there are no romantic sparks. This is just someone that's cool to hang around and you have a mutual understanding that "it's not like that." Simply....call up a platonic friend and hang!


This kills two birds with one stone. Not only are you occupying time that is spent thinking about not dating, you can help the community at the same time. Depending on the organization, you could possibly meet some young singles with an interest similar to yours. So get out and help out!


I'm always down for a great ladies' night! We play games, have a marathon of our favorite TV shows on DVD, hit a club or happy hour and just have a great time! This is also a great time to scope for guys while out and about.


What better person to spend time with than yourself?? I know that I love me some me! (Sounds conceited doesn't it? I'm really not...promise haha) I am famous for treating myself to a movie. Usually because it's something I really want to see and I don't like waiting on other people. I haven't mastered the going to a restaurant by myself yet, but I do go get some take-out (usually curbside) and sit home with a nice movie, or TV show marathon.

These are some things that worked for me, and may give you some things to think about the next time you want to go on a date.

03 June 2009


Welcome to a new era...The Green Era. Everything on TV, in ads, and just about everywhere else is about saving the environment and decreasing your carbon footprint. I'm all for doing my part and recycling and all, but there is one think I really don't want to recycle...........MEN!! Yes, I said it. I'm not mad if you do (because I have done so in the past), but it's just not for me anymore.

It seems that many guys that I've dated/gone out with/talked to in the past are around me today. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because I love people and keep my friends. All of a sudden, these throwbacks want to be serious and date exclusively. Where were you years ago when I liked you!?!?! Were you NOT standing right there when I let it be known that I liked you?? Geez!

I'm at a new place in my life. I have a new career, community service projects I'm working on, saving to make that "big purchase".....stuff like that. I'm not looking down on anyone, but I'm not at the same place I was back then. Maybe they've grown too, but I've moved on. I'm happy to be a friend, but that's about it.

My questions for you: Have you recycled any men/women you dated? How did it work out? Would you recommend it to others?

01 June 2009

Time's A-Wastin'.....

In today's world, we are bred for impatience. Everything is fast. We have 30-minute meals, Fios, express check-out.....I blame technology! We are part of a generation that expects to see instant results.....okay I'll admit that I'm guilty of this. Sometimes I just want what I want when I want it....sue me, I'm human. I am working on this patience thing though.

Now, as I work on my patience, I have one gripe for the fellas.....DON'T WASTE MY TIME (cue E. Badu)! It's very precious to me! Story time...this guy took the time to get my number. We talk pretty regular (good conversation, he's funny) and it's hard telling if he's interested in me as a homie, or more. No biggie. We made plans to go out, but they fell through at the last minute. Again, no biggie because I don't wait around, so I made other plans. Then we made plans again, and the same thing.

While I work on being patient with people, I'm also working on forgiveness and being nice (I already am nice, but I just want to stay that way). There was no time lost in this case because I made other arrangements ....those who know me, know I go with the flow, jump in or miss the boat!

Now I'm not mad at all about the plans, but I wanted to see and hang out with him. I let it be known, he said the same. Here's my question:

Should I implement the "3 Strikes, You're out" Rule, or should I just keep him as a phone buddy?