04 May 2009


Hello all! Welcome to my new venture! I'm new to this, so bear with me as I learn about this blogging stuff. Let me start with the formalities......

I go by the name Angel. As the title of this blog states, I am single, sassy, and sweet. I'm a 20-something and I'm caught up in this crazy dating world. I wanted a place to share tips, vent my frustrations, and share my experiences with everyone. So here it is!! Feel free to comment, offer advice, and suggest topics at any time! My blog is your blog!

What does it mean to be single, sassy and sweet?? The single and sweet part are pretty self-explanatory. Sassy isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I believe it means to have a no-nonsense approach to life. You don't settle for less and let it be known....in a classy way of course.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. There will be another post soon. Thanks for stopping by!! Come often and bring friends!! Until next time......

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