29 March 2010

The Challenge

For those that know me...and I mean REALLY know me...know that I'm shy. This shirt says it all. I've come a long way, but there is still a lot left in me. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with guys. I'm flirtatiously challenged.

I've even been told by a few guys over the years that I suck at flirting. Really. Sad. There have been guys that I liked, but never told them or let them know that they had the opportunity to even talk to me. I've found out later that guys wanted to make a move, but I never gave them the "okay" to move ahead. Makes me wonder how many guys I really missed my chance with....

Okay let's move on before I get upset/sad. HAHA

So I was talking to my friends Michele and Marlene on Sunday and we were talking about my shyness. Basically I was told to get over it...gotta love my friends lol. It is something that I've been trying to work on, and have definitely come a long way. They did make a good point and said that like anything else, practice makes perfect. Hhhmmmm I never really practiced that before.

So that's how the challenge started. My mission is to start conversations with five random guys. It doesn't have to be anything serious, or even a guy that I'm interested in. I just have to say something flirty. Oh, I have until July 1st and then my "final exam" is with Marlene (the challenge issuer) after that, and I have to start talking to a guy and tell him my middle name (which I don't care for).

So far, I've gotten one under my belt!

Here's the scene: I'm fresh out of spin class...I'm sweaty, hair has sweated out, and I have on sweats. I needed new windshield wiper blades, so I head to the auto store in the same shopping center.

I walk in and tell the dude that I need blades and tell him what car so he can tell me the blades I need. He asks what kind I want and I told him that since he's the professional, I'll trust his judgment. He smiled. Good. Then he asked me why I was walking that way (tired) and why I had that look on my face. Spin class. He laughed and told me that he understood because he's heard how serious it is lol.

He proceeds to tell me about his gym in Wheaton (while ringing up my wiper blades) and before thanking him I told him that if he decided to switch gyms I'd see him around. He smiled and said okay.

Ran the scenario past Marlene and she said that's the idea! So one down....4 to go. I have a party to go to Saturday (that Marlene committed me to lol) and we'll see who is there. You know that I will keep you all posted!!

What do you think about the challenge? Do you think it's an attainable/reasonable goal? Do you believe practice makes perfect? How do you flirt? Do you practice it?