09 September 2009

It's a Thin Line.....

....between researching and stalking! I know what you thought I was going to say, and that is true too, but it doesn't fit with my thoughts today.

Recently, I've had a discussion with some friends about stalking people on the Internet. Let me backtrack..... this came about when I told about how I look up a guy on Facebook, and make sure he's not a registered sex offender if I don't know him (hhmmm maybe I should check the ones I do know too lol). I was told that this is stalking.

I call it research. Especially on Facebook....if someone leaves their page open, aren't they just asking for people to look at their info? In the last post, you'll note that my research saved a situation from possibly getting worse. What if I hadn't seen that the guy was engaged? What if I got involved emotionally and found out this info later? What if she came after me and I didn't even know about her?

To me stalking someone on the Internet means that I was following their every move....like who is he talking to? What does abc mean? What does xyz mean?

In this case, my research proved to work out for the best for me, but what do you think? What is your definition of Internet stalking? Is looking someone up on Facebook considered stalking?


  1. I think that a facebook background check is NECESSARY these days. More often than not, I've seen situations where people think they're in a relationship of some sort, only to find that they are one of many-or even worse, THEY are the side chick. How dreadful. People will lie to you in a heartbeat out here in these streets and your first priority is to PROTECT YOURSELF. Hell, if I was out here dating (I am on hiatus now), but I look into photos and how many ppl reappear in photos and who is claiming territory on their walls and such. No harm in that :)

    Well, that's my two cents.

  2. Speaking from an investigative stand point...it is stalking when you are trying to track down that brotha's every move, get passwords, etc. Other than that, public research is just that! You put it out there for the public to know, why can't I see? And in this crazy world I say, Google, Facebook, Court Record, and phone a friend!