14 September 2009

Soul Mates...Do They Exist?

How many people think they've found their soulmate?

*raises hand*

With that said, I'll start with a definition. What is a soul mate? According to Webster's dictionary it means:

1 : a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament
2 : a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs

Kinda vague...With that definition, do you still think you've found your soul mate?

*raises hand*

Now to me, a soul mate is that person whom you have a connection with that's unexplainable. Like you're both sitting in the room and you know what the other is thinking without either of you saying a word. It's that cosmic connection that allows you to feel their pain/emotions even when you aren't around each other.

From many discussions with friends, I'm finding that this is a rare occurrence. So does that mean that we have the definition screwed up of what a soul mate really is? Say that you're lucky to find that person, does it always mean that you are meant to be together? What if someone has this same connection with more than one person? Are we allowed to have more than one soul mate?

I believe that we can. I think that sometimes soul mates can even be of the same sex. I'm not saying that a person is gay if they find that same-sex soul mate, they might be best friends.

I did an image search on Google for soul mates, and almost every picture depicted a man and woman (sometimes male/female animals) in an intimate position. We are conditioned to think that soul mates have to be this great love.

Now, I know that you're wondering about my soul mate. I think I did find him, he knows who he is. We're best friends and we truly have that connection where we know thoughts without speaking, and even across country, and even seas, we knew what the other was feeling. Yeah, I know you don't believe me, but it's true! We have a lot of the same beliefs and thoughts.

Now this isn't saying that everything is happy-go-lucky either. We don't agree 100% on everything. I can't feel if he gets a paper cut and vice versa lol. We've lost touch a few times over the years, but we keep coming back in contact with each other.

Are we supposed to be together? I'm no fortune teller, nor am I going to pay Miss Cleo (yes she's back lol) or any other psychic to find out. I guess I'm going to play this life thing out and see what God has in store for me.

Talk to me: Do you think that you've found your soul mate? How do you know? Do you think that you're supposed to marry your soul mate? Can people have more than one soul mate?


  1. I believe that we do have more than one soul mate and I believe that a person's soulmate can be of the same sex. I've found one of my soul mates...my sister! LOL...the connection we have is beyond explainable. I think that every person has a soul mate of the opposite sex too. Each of us was design specifically for someone of the opposite sex. The problem and the reason there is not as many relationship that involve soul mates is because we try to decide who our soulmate is instead of sitting back and letting God play out the story and I do believe that I am suppose to marry my soulmate. He was specifically designed for me! This was a good read, loved it!

  2. I have to agree that we should all wait on God to send us our mate. He does have that someone special crafted for us. In the mean time, I'm having fun with all of the wrong ones until Mr. Right (for me) comes along.

    And yes, you and your sis are soul mates! Cute!!