09 November 2009

Meet Loser.....and Kraz E

This is what I found in my inbox the other day from eHarmony....no really that's what it said. They've matched me with Loser....great. Of course I couldn't receive something like this and not check it out for you all. There were no pictures, and there were actual real answers in the profile, but I'm just stuck on the name. Now, I'm sure that's a joke page, but how encouraging is that?

Okay, I know you are all wondering, so let me backtrack for a minute....

Yes, I signed up for online dating. Why? I'm not 100% sure. I guess it was more out of curiosity. I know a few people that have met online and one couple is even married for a few years now. Another reason was curiosity. I have met people before, but it's not always clear what their agenda is when you meet them. This way, I'm almost guaranteed to meet someone that is on the same path I am. I know my path is to meet new people and hang out. Also, I don't go out much, and I'm not looking to meet someone in the club, so this way seems best for now.

I've talked to a few friends about it before I actually tried it, and the experience varied. I figured if anything, I'd get to meet new people, try new places to hang out/eat, and possibly meet new friends because the old ones suck. Those that know me, know I'm an optimist, so I'm not giving up.

No, nothing happened yet. Mostly because I haven't been active on eHarmony as I probably should be. I've gotten a few "Icebreakers" (short messages that let you know the person is interested in starting communication), but I've been slow to respond if at all.

Let me give you more insight: eHarmony isn't the typical site where you're matched with guys based on your location and you scan through pics and pick the cutest guy best profile match and send him a message and set up a meeting time/date. This site takes you through eight steps (yes 8) before you can conduct open conversations with someone. You start by viewing pics (if they have any), and viewing their limited profile. If you like, you can send them five multiple-choice questions. If they like, they'll respond and send you five questions too. There is a fast track option, but I haven't tried that.

Now, I've been finding myself being SUPER judgmental about people I communicate with, or even who I'd consider communicating with. One guy really had a pic on his page where he cropped out a girl. Another guy didn't feel like bothering w/ such methods and just blacked out the girl, AND the hand that she draped over his shoulder. Talk about tacky!!! He was automatically nixed from my list. Also, if pics are far away, or they have no pics at all, I automatically assume they aren't attractive and/or hiding something.

Also, a lot of guys on here are short! I'm not talking 6'0, or even 5'11....these guys are like 5'5 and 5'6!! I'm almost 5'8 myself, so imagine me next to him with my 4-inch stilettos. It's okay to laugh because I did too. I've blogged earlier about preference, and that's one of mine....6'0+ please!

Before my eHarmony trial, I tried Yahoo! Personals. I didn't even think about them, but that's where a girl I know met her current husband, so I looked there. They had a free 3-day trial, so I couldn't lose. Let's just say I shut things down before my three days were up. The guys there were all so OLD....I'm talking 40+. It was scary!

This whole process is scary/creepy, but I can't help but laugh at the same time....especially when I get an invitation to meet Loser.

Have you ever tried online dating site? Which one(s)? How was your experience? Would you try it again? Do you still talk to someone you met through an online service?

UPDATE: Since my last post, I've received a new match...Kraz E. This one has pics, but they look like two different people. To protect privacy, I won't post them lol.and I'm tempted to communicate with him just to ask him why that name! Eharmony isn't like most dating sites where you pick a screen name...you're supposed to use your real name! I'll keep yall posted!


  1. Hmmm, I had a date with someone off of BlackPlanet about 9 years ago. Otherwise, nah I always met peeps when I went out or thru friends, etc. I am not opposed to online dating though, if i became single again. I say go for it and keep trying!

  2. I would try it. I havent yet got with the idea and meeting someone for the first time over the computer. I want the human interaction.

  3. i would try it but im scared that everyone is a pedophile.

  4. This is not to discourage you but...Do you remember when me and your roomie met the 5'0 supposed to be buff ex-stripper! LOL...I'm glad you are screening first!

  5. @ Shawn - You took it back to BlackPlanet hahaha, but thanks for the encouragement!

    @ Sunny - everyone isn't a pedophile lol

    @ KC - YES!!!!!!!!!! He was pretty buff though.... LOL You know how I roll....gotta screen before meeting and cover all grounds!

  6. Well, I met my cutie patootie on Facebook. Even though that isn't a dating site, it was still a stranger that I took a chance on...and the experience has been great....so I guess all is not bad...but hey I would still recommend being cautious about hook ups with individuals online.

  7. That's right you did!! Aaawwwww. I'm def cautious....you know I'll be giving you all contact info lol

  8. I think online dating is cool as heck. I mean there is the whole stigma of "oooo what if he's crazy" but people you meet in person can be just as crazy. I like how you can screen and sort and I also like how in most instances, you really get to know the person via chatting before you meet up. It's so hard to date now...I'm sorry but I refuse to meet my next boo in a drunken haze at the club lol.